Stefan Konrad is a Research Analyst with the NATO Association of Canada. Previously, he was the Defence Procurement Program Editor and a Junior Research Fellow focusing on defence procurement issues. He has an M.A. in Intelligence and Security Studies from the University of Brunel and a Honours B.A. in Political Science from Trinity Western University.

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A Calculated Risk: Intelligence Collection, Political Controversies and the Snowden Revelations

Stefan Konrad explores the political ramifications and lessons that can be learned from the Chancellor Merkel phone tapping scandal.

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The Iraqi Army: Gaining or Losing Ground?

Our Program Editors debate whether the Iraqi Army (and the militias), alongside the US-led coalition, are actually making progress in the fight against IS.

Cyber Security and Emerging Threats International Law & Policy Security Stefan Konrad Terrorism The United States of America

Fear, Pain and Coercion: An Introduction to Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (Part I)

In the first part of an eight article series, Stefan Konrad explores the moral and legal dilemmas of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.