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The Search for Maritime Security Conference: Security on the Great Lakes


The NATO Council’s Maritime Security Program Presents: 

“From Sea to Sea: the Search for Maritime Security”

May 30th, 2012

Security on the Great Lakes by Rear-Admiral Michael Parks

As a nation surrounded by three oceans and the great lakes, Canada’s maritime security has been of preeminent importance throughout the country’s history. A secure marine environment is also essential to Canada’s prosperity. Despite this marked significance, there has been recent concern that Canada has slipped into a state of “maritime blindness,” characterized by a general lack of awareness concerning issues of national and global oceanic security. This problem is particularly pronounced in central Canada, along the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal corridor.


Seeking to address this weakness, The NATO Council of Canada (NCC) has taken a greater role in investigating and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of Canadian maritime security and matters concerning our surrounding waters. Our goal is to raise public awareness about Canada’s most important frontier.

Direct Link: Security on the Great Lakes: Rear-Admiral Michael Parks

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