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Talk to a Diplomat: Episode with Mr. Thomas Popik

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Listen as I interview Mr. Thomas Popik. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Foundation for Resilient Societies. This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of North American critical infrastructure from natural and man-made disasters. As the Principal Investigator, he specializes in vulnerability assessment, comparative risk analysis, and economic modeling.

Mr. Popik examines how infrastructure and society would be impacted if an attack on the electric grid were to happen. In addition, Mr. Popik examines the actions that should be taken in order to prepare for a potential attack. At the same time, Mr. Popik discusses the actions that should be taken in order to prevent a potential attack.


Episode with Mr. Thomas Popik
Talk to a Diplomat


Mr. Popik provides advice to the youth interested in pursuing a career in security matters such as cyber security, terrorism, and critical infrastructure issue development.

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Episode with Mr. Thomas Popik
Talk to a Diplomat


Magdalena Surma
Magdalena Surma is currently Canada's NATO Program Contributor and Outreach Coordinator. Former Program Editor of Global Horizons, Magdalena completed a BA in Legal Studies (Honours) and a Masters in Public Service at the University of Waterloo. She also attended Harvard during two summers, where she completed courses in psychology, government, and law. In addition, she successfully completed Harvard Law School’s Executive Education Program in Negotiation and Leadership. Magdalena is currently completing an LLB through University of London’s International Program. She is passionate about law, government, and charitable non-profit organizations. As an avid researcher, she hopes to extend her research to investigate women in security while examining society, culture, and international relations. In addition, Magdalena is also passionate about international business and economy. She is very excited about being involved with various projects at NATO, specifically engaging youth and society about international affairs. Apart from a love of politics, Magdalena enjoys fine art, ballet, and classical music.