Gleb Adamovych Society, Culture, and Security

Polarization Blues

Despite the world being interconnected in a way it has never been, civilization finds itself torn apart by civil strife and disagreement. “Polarization” is the word of the day, and it has hit Canada hard. Recent years have seen the issue reflected in the rise of hate crimes, distrust of the government, and general violence. Read More…

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AI’s Impact on Society and Security

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly advancing technology that influences much of daily life in economically advanced countries. It has the ability to benefit a wide range of industries, from internet-based businesses to weapons manufacturers; however, applications of AI is not without risks.

Indo-Pacific and NATO Kate Ferrin

How Should Canada Respond to Hostage Diplomacy?

Abstract: Canadian policymakers must be strategic when formulating policy in light of recent coercive diplomatic relations by China between Canada and the United States. Policymakers must respond to hostage diplomacy effectively and NATO poses a good framework on which to base the policy. “Canada can’t pick and choose when it follows the rule of law,” Read More…