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NATO’s Aims and Interconnectedness Reflected in a Flemish Tapestry

To mark the 75th anniversary of NATO, the NATO Association of Canada, Toronto, organizes several events that will highlight NATO’s alliance and Canada. We received the following invitation: “We invite you to be a part of this initiative and share your organization’s contribution to NATO’s collective history.” My, or rather our “organization” is the Canadian Association Read More…

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Prepping for 2030: The Young Leaders’ Perspective on NATO’s Future

Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is set to outline the NATO 2030 initiative to the 30 NATO member countries next week. In prep, Eric Jackson highlights the NATO 2030 Young Leaders’ recommendations on how to strengthen the Alliance.

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CETA Explained: How the Canadian-EU Trade Deal is Stirring Up Controversy

What are the controversies surrounding the most significant trade deal for Canada since NAFTA? Charlotte Provost and Michele Di Leo analyze the economic consequences of CETA, as well as the political hurdles it must clear.

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Talk to a Diplomat: Episode XXXIII

We’re back! Watch as I interview Mr. Octavius Pinkard. He is a PhD Researcher at the University of Kent. His work focuses on the development and projection of identities and interests among Lebanese diaspora communities in Senegal, the United States, and the European Union. Mr. Pinkard has served as an editor of a Working Paper Read More…