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Special Interview with the Honourable Hugh Segal: Canada in the Asia-Pacific Region

In this final part of a three-part series, Yun Sik (James) Hwang interviews the Honourable Hugh Segal about Canada’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region.


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Interview Question:

Question 1: As a former senior government official, how would you characterize Canada’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region? Are we an active and major participant in that region? – 0:00


Question 2: Many international communities and peoples alike, including Canadians, are concerned over the development of North Korea’s nuclear threat. How do you perceive these developments and how should Canada respond to the destabilization of regional security and trade, especially when North Korea never threatened Canada, unlike the United States of America? – 04:30


Question 3: As a senior strategic advisor, what would be the ideal approach to ending the nuclear threat posed by North Korea? Is regime change the only option for the global community? How should Canada contribute to stabilization and cooperation on the Korean peninsula? – 08:22


Question 4: North Korea is infamous for its nationwide human rights violations, especially concerning women, who are exposed to a range of abuses, including sexual exploitation. Canada, on the other hand, has shown exceptional leadership in promoting human rights, human dignity, and values of democracy and freedom. How do you see North Korea’s human rights challenges, and what measures should Canada take to solve this crisis? – 11:38


Question 5: Are there any further remarks your Honourable would like to mention before we conclude the interview? – 13:46



*Lionel J. Widmer, Program Editor at the NATO Association of Canada, conducts a short interview with the Honourable Hugh Segal:


Special thanks to Elena Ferranti, Administrative Assistant at Massey College, and Lionel J. Widmer (audio recorder/editor) from the NATO Association of Canada for their efforts in making this interview possible.


Photo: Honourable Hugh Segal in Massey College, University of Toronto.

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Yun Sik (James) Hwang
Yun Sik (James) Hwang is a Research Analyst (formally the Program Editor of Security, Trade and the Economy) and a contemporary Korean Affairs Specialist at the NATO Association of Canada. After his M.A. career (2016) from the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto, he was invited as a speaker and presenter in multiple conferences, events, and symposiums to examine the controversial political and social developments of South Korean nationalism and its entanglements with North Korea that have been intensified as political and social conflicts between the political left and right in the Republic of Korea. With a specific focus on the contemporary Korean Peninsula and the recent intensification of North Korean nuclear threat, his work seeks to address the political, social, and international challenges in the Asia-Pacific region under various competing perspectives. He can be reached at: