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Global Chokepoints Infographic

The following infographic is a follow-up to an article written last week looking at these chokepoints. Here is the link: http:///important-global-chokepoints/

Much of the oil is transported via the Strait of Hormuz and the Malacca Strait. This is not surprising because the world’s major oil producers are located near the Strait of Hormuz and the world’s largest market demanding oil (Asia) relies on the Malacca Strait.

The drop in percentages seen in the two years does not show a decreased production of oil, but rather the limitations these straits have when it come to transporting oversized tankers. In other words some of these straits are too narrow to safely transport ultra large crude carriers (ULCCs).

Lastly, the percentages do not represent the total amount of oil transported. It represents the total amount of oil transported through chokepoints.


Chokepoints InfographicFINAL

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