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Romania: Why the Lack of Progress?

Even before it joined the EU, Romania was one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. Now that Russian aggression is a major threat, Romania is seen as a very strategic ally. However, seeing how it is currently ruling under an interim government, the question remains: how much can Romania be seen credibly when it still has not solved its corruption problems?

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The Highlights of NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Tirana- Defense, Stability & Cooperation

With The Warsaw Summit right around the corner, Lira Loloci gives us the highlights of NATO Parliamentary Assembly held in Tirana from 27-30 May. With defense, stability and cooperation high on the agenda of policy-makers, the member countries are expected to comply and help the Alliance address its 21st century challenges.

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Climate Mitigation vs. Geoengineering: What should the future look like?

Given that international cooperation in climate policy is hard to achieve amongst countries due to problems of free riding, Lira Loloci discusses the effects of funding geoengineering approaches to climate change alongside mitigation efforts.