Stuart Munnich is a recent Master of Science graduate from the Transnational Security Studies program at Royal Holloway, University of London in the United Kingdom. Before attending Graduate School, he completed his Honours Bachelors Degree in Politics and International Relations. Stuart has a wide range of academic interests; however, his specialization lies in international security, counter-terrorism, media war and conflict, and undersea security. Stuart currently works for Clarion Defence and Security where he sets up defence conferences on topics such as military training and simulation and undersea defence technology. While pursuing his education, Stuart undertook officer training with the British Army and did some work for the British Embassy in Luxembourg.
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Issues in Military Medical Simulation and Training: Austere Medical Environments Conference, London England

Stuart Munnich examines the medical training difficulties for military and civil support.

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The West Has Woken Up to the Threat of the Islamic State

Stuart Munnich examines the US-led coalition response to the emerging threat from the Islamic State and its implications.