Milosz Zak is an MA ERES candidate at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs, with a BaH in Political Science from the University of Guelph and the Jagiellonian University in Krakόw, Poland. He works closely with the Toronto Chapter of the Canada Eurasia Russian Business Association, the Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce of Toronto, and the G8/G20 Research Group, writing on financial and economic issues facing the G20, European Union member states, the Russian Federation and the countries of the CIS.
Africa Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Milosz Zak

Egypt before the Coup (Part Two): Insular Communities, Uneasy Coexistence, and Morsi’s Respect for Religions

From a rally outside the House of Lords in London, to a protest in Egypt’s Aswan – Milosz Zak recounts his experiences with the Copts in Morsi-era Egypt.

Asia-Pacific Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Milosz Zak

Missiles at the Ready: Lockheed Martin’s test of the new PAC-3 MSE a success, but not an effective deterrent

Milosz Zak explores the significance of Lockheed Martin and Raytheon’s recent test of the new PAC-3 MSE Patriot Missile system in the deserts of New Mexico.

Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Eastern Europe and Russia Milosz Zak Western Europe

Casualties of the Crisis? US “No” on Missile Defense, EADS-BAE merger collapse, and an ever more constrained CFSP

Milosz Zak surveys the many setbacks in European security, aerospace and defense sectors, and global outreach, in light of US disengagement from the European theatre, outdated territorial mentality in strategic industries, and all round budget cuts.