NATO Council Honours Captain (Ret.) Trevor Greene

Address by Captain (Ret.) Trevor Greene to the NATO Council of Canada

May 18th, 2010:

I am truly honored and deeply humbled by this award.  To be a captain following two generals and an ambassador is daunting but I’ll do my best.

Afghans have been brutalized by war for 30 years.  They crave peace and stability to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.  I heard this refrain from tribal elders in every shura I attended.  I think education is key to long- term stability, especially of girls. If these girls grow up with open minds and become independent, they will teach their sons and daughters to be the same.

Canadians can help by financially supporting education initiatives like the Sarahim School and groups like Canadian Woman for Afghan Woman that target a specific niche of Afghan society.  More important than just giving money, we must empower the people by creating markets for their raw materials. If we fail in Afghanistan, anarchy will reign for untold generations.  Drug lords will take over and drugs will flood into Canada and into the veins of our children. I am proud that a donation will be made to Sarahim School in my name.  It is an idea whose time has come.

In closing, I leave you with a quote I read 5 years ago during workup training that resonates with me to this day: “educate a boy, you educate an individual, educate a girl and you enlighten a whole community.”

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