Muslim Women in Europe: how do they intervene in the public space?

In this articles, Sarah Haddjeri examines the way the feeling of fear has invaded public spaces in Europe and how it has contributed to ostracize Muslim women. Despite political resolutions to promote equal opportunities, Muslim women are excluded from most of debates and decisions about their body and appearance. Yet, they try to find alternatives to empower themselves.

#16 days Wine & Cheese Movie night – December 8, 2016

Join us on December 8 for a Wine and Cheese Discussion following the projection of Peace Unveiled, part of a PBS movie serie “Women, War & Peace” about afghan women empowerment against gender-based violence in contexts of conflicts | Joignez-nous ce 8 Décembre pour une discussion Vin Fromage suivant la projection de “Peace Unveiled”, un film de la serie PBS “Women, War and Peace” pour la prise de position des femmes afghanes contre la discrimination.