Graduated from the State University of Tirana with a BA in Political Science, minor in Politics and Government. She got a Master of Science in Strategic Studies from the European University of Tirana and a second MSc. in European and International Law. She has a background in education at the European University of Tirana as an Assistant at the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Applied Social Science. For few years she served as the Director of the Department of Human Resources at the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Albania. From 2013 to 2018, Juxhina held different positions at YATA International Executive Board first as the Vice President for Public Diplomacy and then Vice President of Communications. During her work at ATA and YATA se was also the Chairperson of the Integrated Task Force for Communications. In 2020, Juxhina was elected to be the President of Youth Atlantic Treaty Association international. Her contribution is directly connected with her efforts in empowering youth in her society and abroad to be active and committed to the democratic and all transatlantic values. Among the public diplomacy outreach events Juxhina has organised are the first NATO RUN in Tirana; NATO YATA International Academy, and many regional and international events.
Society, Culture, and Security

“CIMIC” Doctrine in Post-Conflict Missions and Humanitarian Operations under NATO-led forces: The KFOR Case

Abstract: This article compares experiences gained in KFOR and ISAF and what they might equip Allied leaders to anticipate in the Western Balkans, should Moscow begin to create trouble on that front to shore up its position in Ukraine.  Post-conflict missions and humanitarian operations conducted by NATO-led forces have revealed successes, lessons learned, and challenges to civil-military Read More…

Expanding Community

The Role of the Transatlantic Bond and Democratic values as a Prerequisite for the Relevance of NATO: Ukraine and the Pandora Box Dilemma

There is an ongoing debate whether there is a linkage between the importance of transatlantic values and the level of effective commitment that might contribute to the enduring success of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In my strongest opinion, there is a precondition to how our alliance can achieve success in the future. And Read More…

Juxhina Gjoni Women in Security

Examining the Setbacks in Women Leadership in the Context of the Albanian Armed Forces

Women in positions of leadership has been a subject of debate recently in the Albanian Armed Forces. However, a new political improvement was the commitment to the adoption of the UN resolution on Women Peace and Security, which served as the benchmark for the forthcoming Albanian National Action Plan (ANAP) Despite the ongoing progress made in ten years, the figures on paper differ from reality.