Canadian Armed Forces Jayson Derow

Peacekeeping Promises Little Peace: The Realities of 21st Century Conflicts

Canada was once viewed as a leader of UN peacekeeping missions. However, this role has shifted with the changing nature of global conflicts. Jayson Derow discusses why it would be more effective for the Liberal government to devote military resources to the battle in Iraq and Syria, instead of fragmenting the Canadian Armed Forces to various ineffective missions in Africa to fight the same enemy.

Canadian Armed Forces Jayson Derow

You Break it, You Own it: War Must not be Dictated by Deadlines

Not only do unclear objectives delegitimize war efforts, but so too does setting a time limit for withdrawal. Jayson Derow discusses why any political and military success against ISIS will not be sustainable unless accompanied by a comprehensive political process and an enduring commitment to the complete eradication of ISIS.

Canadian Armed Forces Jayson Derow

Will Operation Impact be Enough to Degrade ISIS? Canada’s Mission Behind Friendly Lines

Winning the conflict against ISIS will entail reaching a solidified victory, focusing on changing geopolitics, and observing lessons from the War on Terror in Afghanistan. Jayson Derow analyzes Canada’s strategy of utilizing military advisors within the Iraqi Security Forces to degrade ISIS.

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Through Ukraine’s Eyes: Interview with Dr. Taras Kuzio, Part I

In Part I of this exclusive interview, Dr. Taras Kuzio talks about what the Paris attacks, Minsk II, and Russia’s intervention in Syria mean for Ukraine, as well as NATO’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict.