Sarah Haddjeri Women in Security

Violence Against Women in Switzerland and Techniques to Empower Victims

This article analyzes the various conditions women face in Switzerland, and how the work of the Centre LAVI (Loi sur l’Aide aux Victimes d’Infraction) is instrumental in helping them. During a recent interview in Geneva, Muriel Golay’s, director of Centre LAVI, was generous enough to share her views of possible solutions within the framework of Read More…

Jeyolyn Christi Society, Culture, and Security

Taking from Those in Need? Exploring the Seizure of Valuables to Cover the costs of Refugee Resettlement in Europe

Are we taking from those in need? Jeyolyn Christi discusses the seizure of valuables to cover the costs of refugee resettlement in various European countries.

Culture Development Diplomatic Relations Germany Human Rights Immigration International Law & Policy ISIS Islamic State Italy migration Refugee Rights Security Society Society, Culture, and Security Syria Terrorism Vedran Kuljanin

The Right Will Not Be Left Behind

Vedran Kuljanin discusses the rise of far-right political parties in Europe and the real world effects their policies have brought.