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Program Spotlight: International Studies at the University of Saskatchewan

When you think about post-secondary education, do international studies, political science or government administration cross your mind? The Program Spotlight series of articles will review selected college and university programs geared to those exploring education and career options in international relations and/or government.

The International Studies program is one of over 60 undergraduate programs offered in the College of Arts and Science at the University of Saskatchewan. This program combines valuable in-class learning and international opportunities that allow for an exploration of various cultures and issues that developing countries may face. Students of this program explore topics such as government, business, law, conflict and development. In addition to developing skills in critical analysis, International Studies students are encouraged to study a second language.

In terms of structure, the International Studies program is offered as a B.A. and an Honours B.A. Courses are offered from two key areas: Development Studies, and International Cooperation and Conflict. Students of this program are able to focus their studies on particular topics such as conditions and issues of developing countries, economic development, environmental consequences of development, state relations, international cooperation, and conflict. Additionally, International Studies is interdisciplinary and the core departments that make up this program are as follows:

  • Archaeology & Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Political Studies
  • Sociology

International Studies students at the University of Saskatchewan are also welcome to participate in Study Abroad programs which can be life changing, as students explore world issues and cultural differences. With regards to duration, students may choose to participate in exchanges that last one semester, one year, or short-term intensive programs. In addition to studying abroad, students are encouraged to take part in Service Learning, which involves volunteering or working with community-based organizations.

At the University of Saskatchewan, International Studies students are able to network and stay connected outside the classroom through student groups such as the International Studies Student Association (ISSA), Model United Nations, and the Association for Exchange and International Students.


Final thoughts

What can you do with this degree? Graduates of this program can go on to work in government, or NGOs, and many graduates of the International Studies program pursue higher education. Students can access career support through the Student Employment and Career Centre.

Do you want to learn more? Take a look at this great YouTube video or the program overview available on the University of Saskatchewan website!


Photo: University of Saskatchewan (2012), by Kyla Duhamel via Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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Jeyolyn Christi
Jeyolyn Christi is a registered social service worker and a Master of Public Service graduate who has experience working in non-profit organizations, government, and international development. Her research and professional interests lie in refugee resettlement, community development, government administration, and project management.