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Program Spotlight: Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) at Carleton University

When you think about post-secondary education, do international studies, political science or government administration cross your mind? The Program Spotlight series of articles will review selected college and university programs geared to those exploring education and career options in international relations and/or government.

Carleton’s Bachelor of Global and International Studies is a multidisciplinary program that explores different perspectives on global and international studies. Both the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Public Affairs offer this program. It delves into the concepts of what is considered global and international, the relationship between these two approaches, and key differences. Students will not only explore international studies in terms of economics and politics, but they will have the opportunity to leverage the humanities to develop a broader understanding of the world, communities and societies.


The four key components of this program are as follows:

1.Core courses that give students a strong base in international and global studies (e.g. Global History & Globalization and International Economic Issues, etc.).

2. Thirteen specializations by theme, or geographic region. Students choose a specialization when starting this degree program, which allows them to select a specific topic of interest and develop knowledge in that area. Some examples are as follows: Global Politics, Migration and Diaspora Studies, and Europe and Russia in the World.

3. Second language requirement. In order to successfully complete the Bachelor of Global and International Studies, students are required to pass a second language requirement through completing necessary coursework, if they have not already demonstrated proficiency in a second language. Amongst some of the languages that Carleton offers are Arabic, Mandarin, German, and Spanish.

4. International experience requirement . Students must undertake an international experience, in order to successfully complete this program. There are various ways in which students can meet this requirement. They can participate in an exchange program, or experiential learning by working abroad/international placement, or by completing the Global and International Group Project.

In addition to providing students with a unique academic experience, the BGInS program at Carleton allows for great learning outside the classroom. Here are a few examples of this:

  • The Living Learning Community in which residence life is linked with the academic program. In terms of BGInS, students can choose to live among other students in this particular program.
  • Lunch with a Professor gives students the opportunity to meet with professors informally and connect outside the class setting.


Final thoughts

What can you do with this degree? Located in the nation’s capital, Carleton University offers students a unique learning opportunity, as Ottawa is home to many government institutions, consulates, and international organizations. According to Carleton, graduates of the Bachelor of Global and International Studies are well equipped with international experience, second-language ability and global perspectives that allow for them to explore careers in the public sector, business, public relations, and the Foreign Service among many others. Interested? Check out this video overview of the program, their detailed program guide, and/or contact for more information. You can also learn more via Twitter and Instagram!

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed in articles are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the NATO Association of Canada.

Jeyolyn Christi
Jeyolyn Christi is a registered social service worker and a Master of Public Service graduate who has experience working in non-profit organizations, government, and international development. Her research and professional interests lie in refugee resettlement, community development, government administration, and project management.