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NATO Association of Canada Essay Competition

Are you interested in international relations and NATO? If so, there’s a perfect opportunity for you: The NATO Association of Canada’s 2015 Essay Competition.
The competition is open for all high schools students in Canada. Provide a 400-600 word response to one of the following questions:

  • As with any international alliance, member states have differing priorities and views in responding to challenges. How can NATO effectively meet the needs of its members, if at all, while also accomplishing meaningful strategic objectives?

  • “The modern security environment contains a broad and evolving set of challenges to the security of NATO’s territory and populations. In order to assure their security, the Alliance must and will continue fulfilling effectively three essential core tasks: Collective Defense, Crisis Management, and Cooperative Security” – NATO Strategic Concept, 2010. How is NATO able to continuously achieve these tasks?

  • Numerous threats from non-state actors have emerged in the past 15 years (ISIS, Al Qaida, Boko Haram, Hamas etc.) How can NATO effectively combat and respond to these threats considering they are not affiliated with governments?

So, what’s the benefit for you?

The top three essays will be expert reviewed and published in the NATO Association of Canada’s online publication.  If you’re interested in a career in academia, journalism, or public policy, having your own essay expert reviewed is an invaluable experience. Interaction with NATO Association of Canada editors will also help foster the paper-writing skills necessary for university coursework. In addition, having an article posted on a distinguished publication, like the NATO Association of Canada’s, will help you stand out in a job interview or university application.

The top contestant will receive:

  1. Free memberships in the NATO Association for one year.

  2. Your own profile section on the NATO Association website.

  3. A Certificate of Achievement.

To enter the competition, simply fill out the online application form and email it, along with your essay, to by 11:59 pm EST on December 10, 2015. And be prepared; you might see your name in the headlines!

Jeremy Voisin
Jeremy Voisin is the Membership Marketing and Communications Administrator at the NATO Association of Canada. He graduated from McMaster University in 2012 with a BA Honours Degree in Political Science. He was a contributor to the MSU newspaper The Silhouette, interned at the Canada Revenue Agency and completed a public leadership program organized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. His interests include foreign affairs, global political economy, Canadian federalism and security. You can email Jeremy at