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Collaboration, Creativity, and Social Change Through Art: An Interview with Tim Jones


As of November 27, 2016, 35 745 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada for resettlement. The staggering proportions of the refugee crisis have exposed a global challenge, as world leaders and institutional bodies attempt to manage the largest human migration the world has seen since the Second World War. As has become clear over the past few years, however, getting Syrian refugees to their final destinations in the states where they will be permanently resettled is only half the struggle. Once they arrive, bolstering and maintaining support for incoming refugees becomes a difficult task on its own, with mixed results.

One organization making a remarkable impact in this area is ArtScape, a non-profit organization transforming communities through creative mediums and public outreach. We interviewed ArtScape CEO Tim Jones about collaborating with the UN, The Sidra Project, virtual reality, and creating social change through artistic mediums. Tim discussed some of the challenges of maintaining public support for this cause in Canada, the powerful impact of a message delivered through virtual reality, and how we can get involved in resettlement efforts for Syrian refugees here in Canada.

Listen below, and check out these links on how to get involved through ArtScape.

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Isabel Zucchero
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