Natalia holds a BA in International Relations and Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies from the University of Toronto. While at university, she volunteered with various organizations, including Crossroads International, the Mosaic Institute, the G20 Research Group and Students for International Development. Her professional interests lie at the intersection of conflict resolution, human security, peace-building and gender equality. She interns as a Sustainable Development & Advocacy Fellow for the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) and is currently volunteering in Colombia with Cuso International.
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NATO And Colombia: The Emperor’s New Clothes?

In her most recent article, Natalia Valencia writes about the recent announcement of Colombia joining NATO as a ‘global partner’ and what this means for a region that has become wary of not just U.S. hard power and policy toward Latin America, but of Western intervention on the whole.

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Sanctuary Cities Under Trump’s America: Where Are They Headed?

President Donald Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, although not binding by law yet, has prompted mixed legal reaction among states and cities. Some echo his sentiments to crack down on undocumented immigrants, while others stand their ground and fight on.

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The Facts on the Ground: Obama’s Dangerous Drone Program

From a campaign based on a rhetoric of reconciling America’s values and morals with its actions abroad comes the stark reality of an administration that, for the most part, greatly expanded the use of drones outside of war zones. Natalia Valencia highlights some of the issues surrounding President Obama’s rhetoric versus his pragmatic approach to counterterrorist policy, particularly its controversial drone program.