Christopher Cowan is a recent graduate of Queen’s University, where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Political Studies with a focus on International Relations. During his time at Queen’s, Christopher studied abroad in both the United Kingdom and Turkey. His research interests include Asia-Pacific security issues, maritime security, Canadian foreign and defence policy, and Australian foreign policy. On top of his position as a Junior Research Fellow for the NATO Association of Canada, he is currently working on publishing his first academic journal article. He will begin his graduate studies in the winter at the Australian National University, where he will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Strategic Studies.
Asia-Pacific Canada Canadian Armed Forces Christopher Cowan Defense Eastern Europe and Russia Investment Islamic State Procurement Security Technology The Middle East and North Africa The United States of America

The Folly of the Fifth Generation?: A Look at the Future of Fighter Aircraft

As airstrikes against IS are carried out and an F-22 has successfully carried out its mission, Christopher Cowan looks at the future of the Fifth Generation of fighter aircraft.

Asia-Pacific Christopher Cowan Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Defense Diplomatic Relations Global Governance International Law & Policy Security Technology The United States of America

Anti-Satellite Weapons: Warfare in the Final Frontier

With the world’s eyes on Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Christopher Cowan looks to the stars, pondering the possibilities of war in space.

Christopher Cowan Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Defense Diplomatic Relations Eastern Europe and Russia Security The United States of America

Russia’s Trouble with the INF Treaty

With ongoing back and forth accusations over violations of a 1987 treaty, Christopher Cowen examines Russia’s concerns over the applicability of this Cold War era treaty in the modern world.