Brian Merry was the Program Editors for the NATO Association of Canada. He recently completed his bachelor’s degree in economics along with a minor in history at The University of Western Ontario. In the past four years Brian has completed multiple research projects focusing on international economics and policy. He also found an interest in politics and has been active within his community working for the Toronto Elections. He can be reached via twitter: and email:
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Will China’s New Bank Shift the Global Balance of Power?

As strong Western European countries invest in China’s new bank, Brian Merry discusses its implications on the US as China seeks to shape a modified order.

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Women in the Israel Defense Forces: Gender Equality or Just Neutrality?

While the IDF seems to be gender-neutral, Brian explains Israel’s struggles to ensure socio-economic development and an equality of opportunity for women, both during and after military service.

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The Commonwealth: From Mere Association to Strategic Unification

In his latest article, Brian suggests ways in which the Commonwealth’s security could be expanded. The results could foster closer diplomatic ties and ensure long-term viability of the organization.