The Little Engine That Couldn’t: Phasing Out Mare Nostrum (Part Two)

Part One of this article focussed on the shortcomings of Operation Triton, and the policy negotiations Europeans must make when it comes to saving human lives and protecting their borders. While migrant lives are unquestionably important, they are not the sole issue dominating the discussions of migrant smuggling. An unsustainable pattern of illicit immigration has […]

The Little Engine That Couldn’t: Phasing Out Mare Nostrum (Part One)

This past July I wrote about Italy’s Mare Nostrum project, which was designed to save vulnerable migrants while crossing the Mediterranean. The program has cost the Italian Government approximately 9 million euros per month, and will be officially phased out by the end of the year. Part of the reason the program was ended was […]

Canadian Surveillance: Bill C- 44 and the Safety of Canadians

In the wake of Remembrance Day it is important to remember that the threats Canada currently faces are not just foreign enemies. The long term security of Canada rests on how we collectively choose to navigate the security landscape. Increasing Governmental powers and authority without increasing oversight (and thereby accountability) is a dangerous path that […]

The Future is Guam

Guam is one of thirteen unincorporated territories the United States Government controls. From December 8,1941, to July 21, 1944, Guam was occupied by Japan, until American forces “liberated” the island nation from imperialist forces. Since then the United States has occupied the territory and has effectively turned it into a military outpost to project American […]