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The NATO Association of Canada and the Threat Intelligence Exchange Roundtable (TIER) Co-Host Panel

On April 4, the NATO Association of Canada teamed up with the Threat Intelligence Exchange Roundtable (TIER) to host “Security, Risk, and Intelligence Careers: Possibilities in the Private Sector” at the Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto. 

The joint event featured a panel with those working in the private security, risk, and intelligence industry. This included Samantha Di Santo, Senior Manager, Fusion Threat Intelligence, Financial Sector; Atul Menon, Senior Manager, Country Risk Intelligence, RBC; Julianne Prokopich, Intelligence & Investigations, Canadian Tire; and Rosie Savard-Charette, Security Program Manager, Shopify. 

The informational panel, and the Q&A session that followed, allowed students and professionals to gain a better understanding of the field and how to go about pursuing careers within it. It also gave attendees a chance to meet with industry insiders and to network.

As a co-host, the event enabled the NATO Association of Canada to connect with the TIER community, build new partnerships with the private sector, and to offer programming that complements its goal, which the long-running internship program exemplifies, of helping young Canadians to find pathways for exploring and entering the international affairs and security spaces.

“It was exciting to have so much potential in one room looking to see how their futures might unfold in new ways they had never considered,” said Robert Baines, president and CEO of the NATO Association of Canada. 

TIER, which is launching a mentorship program for young professionals, also enjoyed working with the NATO Association of Canada to host its inaugural public-facing event and to dialogue with the audience. TIER Chair and Co-Founder James Bridger, who also serves as Vice President at the NATO Association of Canada, shared in a written statement: “We at the Threat Intelligence Exchange Roundtable (TIER) were proud to partner with the NATO Association of Canada for our first public event. It was a great opportunity for us to engage jointly the wider security, intelligence, and global affairs community by bringing together our respective members.” 

Both organizations are looking to co-host additional events in the future. Information on these potential collaborations will be posted on the NATO Association of Canada’s website and announced through its Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

To get involved with the NATO Association of Canada, consider joining as a member or applying to the internship program. And to learn more about TIER, including its mentorship program, write

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