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Talk to a Diplomat: Episode VII


e’re back!

Tim Hewish and Ralph Buckle, co-founders of the Commonwealth Exchange, joins our podcast this week following our lunch event on Monday regarding Commonwealth Defence.

Jason Kenney, Minister of National Defence, was not shy in endorsing many of the ideas in the Exchange’s report The Commonwealth’s Call to Duty, which follows similiar efforts in the realm of trade and immigration to advance the Commonwealth of Nations’ potential.

Mr. Hewish misspeaks at 2:26 – he intended to say sixty percent.

Colin McEwen
Colin McEwen is a Research Analyst and former Program Editor for Global Horizons at the NATO Association of Canada. Colin completed his BA (Honours) at the University of Toronto in Political Science, History, and German, and has since pivoted by completing a Certificate in Data Analytics at Ryerson University. His interests are in multilateral diplomacy and the application of Big Data to problems in international relations.