Clara Lachman Society, Culture, and Security

The Polycrisis: Behind the Buzzword

Last year, a new buzzword gained significant traction across the international community. Referred to as the “polycrisis,” this key term started circulating across media publications and research institutes before finding its way to the Swiss Alps, where it took center stage. At the 53rd World Economic Forum Annual Meeting held in Davos—a flagship conference dedicated Read More…

Louis Gonick Security, Trade and the Economy

Thousands of Bankers to Leave London as the Financial Sector Braces for Brexit

After British Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech on Tuesday, January 17, it became clear that Britain is headed for a hard Brexit. Among the points discussed by the British leader, she outlined that her cabinet will push for leaving the European single market. Analysts have suggested that this move could potentially trigger uncertainty and pose challenges for London’s finance industry.