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Operation Impact: Examining Canada’s Engagement in The Middle East

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On August 12, 2020, the NATO Association of Canada, along with the Canadian Armed Forces hosted a ZOOM presentation followed by a question period with Brigadier General Michael Wright, Commander Joint Task Force IMPACT and Task Force Central.

Brigadier General Wright updated us on the Op IMPACT mission, its successes and challenges.

Operation IMPACT is part of Canada’s Whole of Government approach to the region. The Canadian Armed Forces mission complements the work of other Canadian government agencies such as Global Affairs Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to build the military capabilities of Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon and set the conditions for their long-term success. The coalition has been effective.

Under the Command of Brigadier-General Michael Wright, Operation IMPACT on behalf of the CAF is continuing to work with partners in the region to set the conditions for stability and security. Canada plays an important role in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, alongside its partners. Through the provision of unique military capabilities and highly skilled personnel, the Canadian Armed Forces’ support to our partners will help international efforts to support the security of other nations and enable them to contribute to security abroad. Operation IMPACT encompasses a breadth of training and capacity-building activities like the Canadian Training Assistance Team – Lebanon and Jordan, as well as under two distinct chains of command: the US-led Global Coalition for Operation INHERENT RESOLVE and NATO for NATO Mission Iraq.

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