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Sept 22-29: Tour to NATO Headquarters

The NATO Council invites interested leaders from business, national affairs and academia to join the Council’s NATO tour. The week-long tour gives participants the chance to visit significant international installations such as NATO headquarters and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and be briefed by diplomats and generals regarding Canada’s place in NATO and international affairs.

When: Saturday, September 22nd – Saturday, September 29th
Where: 4 nights in Brussels, 2 nights in Paris
Fees: $4,500 – Including Economy Return Flight, Hotel, breakfast and ground transportation
To register call (416) 979-1875 or e-mail

Tour Highlights*

* subject to confirmation

  • NATO Headquarters – tour and briefing
  • Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) with stop at Waterloo
  • Canadian Embassies to NATO and to the European Union – EU briefing
  • Visit to Geilenkirchen, Germany to see Airborne Warning and Control Systems aircraft (AWACS)
  • Visits to OECD and Canadian Embassies to France and OECD
  • Enjoy Belgian and Parisian cuisine and ambiance


NATO Association of Canada
The NATO Association of Canada (NAOC) strives to educate and engage Canadians about NATO and its goals of peace, prosperity and security. The NAOC ensures Canada has an informed citizenry able to participate in discussions about its role on the world stage.