Kashmir: Beauty Plagued by 70 Years of Conflict

Featured Image: View From Sharda Fort, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan (2015), by Umar Jamshaid 03457611024 via  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:View_From_Sharda_Fort,_Azad_Jammu_%26_Kashmir,_Pakistan.jpg

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About Samer Khurshid

Samer Tahir Khurshid (Samer Khurshid) completed his honours undergraduate degree from York U in Public Policy and Administration. He was employed by the Canadian Army as a logistics officer, joining due to a personal connection to the 1947 Pak-India partition. He intends to aid in the influencing of public policy. He has a broad cultural understanding, circumnavigating the globe. He can speak several languages, including English, French and Urdu. His passions are history, politics, public policy and reading. These were ingrained into his psyche by reading university texts and discussing events with elders. The areas of procurement, counter-terrorism, military strategy and Arctic sovereignty, are his subjects of interest. He also has written a novel called “The Canaste of Deux”, as Victor V. Deville. He has also completed several courses in emergency management, which shape his world view along with his experiences. He can be contacted at samerkhurshid@outlook.com