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Fear, Pain and Coercion: A Breakdown of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (Part II)

The following tables are a summary of the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EITs) listed in the 2007 Report released by Physicians for Human Rights and Human Rights First.



In Part I, Stefan Konrad overviews the moral and legal dilemmas of EITs. In Part III, Stefan Konrad explores the political debate surrounding the use of EITs.

Sandra Song
Sandra is a Research Analyst at the NATO Association of Canada. She was the former Editor for the Canadian Armed Forces program, and she was previously a Junior Research Fellow for the Strategic Reserve Program in 2013. Sandra has a BA Bilingual Hons. in International Studies from Glendon College, York University. She recently completed her MA in International Conflict & Security at the University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies. Her dissertation examined the political and legal perspectives of balancing security and liberty in the case of civilian aircraft hijackings that would be used as a weapon for terrorism. Prior to her time at the NAOC, Sandra was contracted as an Ocean Energy Plan Project Consultant for a non-profit organization in Belgium and the Netherlands.