The NATO Association of Canada’s Society, Culture, and Security program takes a look at the issues that impact Canadians’ every day lives while connecting them to international relations. The program covers a wide range of topics, which include: pop culture, art, film, global events, and socio-political relations. In addition, Society, Culture, and IR aims to examine and provide in-depth analyses that relate international affairs to the interests of Canadian society.

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The Current Israel-Palestine Conflict Requires Moral Clarity 

It has been four months since the Israel-Hamas conflict started, and until today, more than 28 000 thousand Palestinians have been killed; tomorrow, there could be more. This article aims to discuss the consequences of the war and how the international community is responding to the high tensions in the region. Since the events of Read More…

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Mapping Russian Disinformation Narratives And Their Influence Across Europe In The Face Of The 2024 European Parliament Election

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the threat of pro-Kremlin disinformation in Europe has become a matter of increasingly pressing concern. This is particularly true for NATO members that provide Ukraine with significant military and humanitarian aid. Between February and March of 2022, Russia’s state budget for mass media increased by 433 percent, as “the audience and reach Read More…

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“CIMIC” Doctrine in Post-Conflict Missions and Humanitarian Operations under NATO-led forces: The KFOR Case

Abstract: This article compares experiences gained in KFOR and ISAF and what they might equip Allied leaders to anticipate in the Western Balkans, should Moscow begin to create trouble on that front to shore up its position in Ukraine.  Post-conflict missions and humanitarian operations conducted by NATO-led forces have revealed successes, lessons learned, and challenges to civil-military Read More…

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The Afghan Diaspora’s Double Dilemma: Mass Migration, Forced Repatriation

Afghan Mass Migration In recent years, Afghanistan has been a focal point of global attention due to the magnitude of its humanitarian crisis after the NATO withdrawal and Taliban takeover in 2021. Decades of persistent insurgency have resulted in widespread insecurity, creating a chaotic environment for individuals and families. The violence from such armed conflict has led Read More…

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China’s Ascendance: Its History and Hazards –  Part 2: The Long March  

If you read “China” in Chinese, it actually means “Middle Kingdom.” It epitomizes why, politically and culturally, a significant proportion of the Chinese population believes that China is a superlative civilization that must restore itself to its “former glory.”  Chinese emperors have fought for control of one of the longest-lasting empires on earth, from the mythical Read More…

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Myanmar, in Hopes of Restoring a Failing State  

  The country of Myanmar is a failing state, where a civil war is raging on between the military and pro-democratic resistance groups. In February 2021, the military succeeded in staging a coup that overthrew the National Unity Government (NUD), which was led by the elected president, Aung San Suu Kyi. Since then, the NUD has Read More…

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Canada’s Conundrum: Peace and Profits

Abstract: NATO’s recent discussion of arms control brings to light Canada’s role in the issue. Last year, NATO and the UN took part in the Eighth Biennial Meeting of State Parties to discuss how to combat the illicit sale of arms. During the meeting, the Deputy Director of Arms Control Directorate at the Political Affairs and Security Read More…

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Ukraine’s Decades-Long Battle: Post-Independence Corruption and European Integration

In this article Bogdana Torbina traces the roots of Ukraine’s corruption and analyzes the future of anti-corruption reforms for continued Western support and Ukrainian accession to NATO and the EU in this time of war.

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The Coup in Niger: What Comes Next?

In July, Niger’s democratically-elected president, Mohamed Bazoum, was removed from office by a coup d’état led by General Abdourahmane Tchiani, the commander of the presidential guards, who appointed himself head of the country’s new military government. His official reason for his actions was his allegation that Bazoum’s government was not managing the deterioration of the Read More…