The NATO Association of Canada’s Society, Culture, and Security program takes a look at the issues that impact Canadians’ every day lives while connecting them to international relations. The program covers a wide range of topics, which include: pop culture, art, film, global events, and socio-political relations. In addition, Society, Culture, and IR aims to examine and provide in-depth analyses that relate international affairs to the interests of Canadian society.

Arash Toupchinejad Society, Culture, and Security

Killer Tunes – The Role of Music as a Weapon in Combat and Conflict

Music embodies the best of cultures around the world. Like many aspects of human life, music has been closely linked to the culture of military. From martial music to anti-war protest songs, music has long impacted public perceptions of war. But it also has a deeper connection to this area: its role as a weapon. In this article, Arash Toupchinejad explores the bizarre history of the weaponization of music in a military capacity.

Arash Toupchinejad Society, Culture, and Security

NATO as Turkey’s Channel for Rapprochement with the West

Despite Turkey’s fractured ties to NATO, which has increasingly alienated its people from the alliance over the past year, there seems to be a paradigm shift in Ankara’s foreign policy towards its allies. Arash Toupchinejad analyzes how NATO can capitalize on this shift in attitude to motivate Turkey’s rapprochement with the West under the auspices of the Framework Nations Concept.

Arash Toupchinejad Society, Culture, and Security

Revisiting NATO’s Role in the Russo-Ukrainian War

As NATO finds itself at the center of the growing conflict over Ukraine’s potential accession to the alliance, Arash Toupchinejad examines the different state-led sociopolitical narratives concerning NATO and the implications for member state citizens as it navigates its emerging role in the conflict.

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Rumble in the Jungle: A Special Report on the Central African Civil War

While the West looks away, Arjun Singh examines the civil war, ethnic cleansing and foreign intervention in the Central African Republic, and its implications for NATO and regional security.

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Impacts of Climate Change on Human Security & What Can Be Done?

Join the NATO Association of Canada, the Climate Solutions Advancement Network (Climate SAN) and the United States Military Academy at West Point’s Modern War Institute for a free two-day conference from May 18th to May 19th, 2021. Bringing together 37 military and intelligence personnel, experts in climate finance and climate innovation leaders, the conference aims Read More…

Climate Change Previous Events Society, Culture, and Security

Media Advisory: Climate Trends, Expected Impacts & What Can Be Done?

Topics: Current climate warming trend, its expected impact, what can be done and upcoming associated conference. About this Event This media advisory event will be hosted on May 4th at 11 am and be about the current climate warming trend, its expected impact on human security and what should be done to mobilize for this Read More…