The Threat From Within: Dadaab Refugee Camp

Victoria investigates the rhetoric surrounding the threatened closure of Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya, alongside an interview with LWF Livelihood Officer, Hilda, who currently works in Kakuma, Kenya.

Women Are Game Changers in Countering Violent Extremism: Part One

Part One of a two part series, Victoria examines the role of women in countering violent extremism (CVE) as well as the dialogue generated by CVE think-tanks and international organizations regarding this issue.

Women and Security in the United Nations: Part II

In part II of this series, Zaid looks into recommendations made to the UNSC by NGO Working Group on WPS to further the implementation of the WPS agenda in the UNSC. In addition, he highlights steps taken by NATO to integrate women into its structure and operations in accordance with its support and adoption of the WPS agenda.