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Photo: Lieutenant (Lt) Bennett, (2nd on the left) gets briefed by Master Corporal (MCpl) Vogrig, (far right) on Exercise IRON SWORD in Silvestras Zukauskas Pabrade Training Area, Lithuania during Operation REASSURANCE on November 21, 2016. (2016), by Cpl Jay Ekin, Operation REASSURANCE Land Task Force Imagery Technician via Combat Camera Canadian Armed Forces. Department of National Defence.

Photo: The CH-124 Sea King helicopter from Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship WINNIPEG departs the ship in the English Channel during Operation REASSURANCE on September 11, 2015. (2015), by Cpl Stuart MacNeil, HMCS WINNIPEG via Combat Camera Canadian Armed Forces. Department of National Defence. 

Photo: “XC050-2016-0001-093” (2013), by Combat Camera Canadian Armed Forces. Department of National Defence.

Photo: Joint service seal of the Canadian Forces “Canadian Forces emblem” (2009), by Canadian_Forces_Flag.svg: User:R-41; derivative work: Marco Kaiser (talk); Image originally uploaded by Denelson83. Flag is a derivative of this image. via Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under CC 3.0 .

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Kelsie Chasse
Kelsie Chasse is the Program Editor for the Canadian Armed Forces program and the NATO Association of Canada. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Honours Bachelor of Science Program, with a double major in biology and criminology, focussed specifically in forensic sciences. Kelsie has recently completed a large scale pedagogical research project and has experience in academic program overhaul and program implementation. She has travelled through much of Italy and Greece, and hopes to continue traveling while working in international affairs. Her career goals include completing a Masters Degree in security and intelligence and working to ensure the security of Canada. Kelsie also takes time to volunteer as an Advanced Medical First Responder and has completed training in emergency management. Kelsie can be reached at: