Willow is a Junior Research Fellow at the NATO Association of Canada, and is a Charter Member of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association having served as the Events and Special Projects Coordinator on the association’s national executive board. Willow holds a Master of Arts degree (2017) in Political Studies from Queen’s University where she specialized in Security Studies. In 2019 she also completed a Master of Public Administration degree at Queen’s University. In 2016 she completed her Bachelor of Arts Honours degree at Queen’s. It is comprised of a major in Political Studies (International Relations, Security Studies and Political Theory), and a minor in Philosophy (Continental Philosophy and Phenomenology). Her major research interests include nuclear deterrence and nonproliferation, security, alliance politics, civil-military relations, and most recently Canadian defence procurement. Willow is also a martial artist with over 15 years of experience, a martial arts instructor, and active proponent of both youth and female engagement in politics. She is currently pursuing employment as a public servant and can be reached by email at willowsrhillman@gmail.com and www.linkedin.com/in/willow-hillman.
Security, Trade and the Economy

The Bank of Canada’s 2%: A Macroeconomic Stabilizer & Aspect of Alliance Security

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Willow Hillman highlights the role that the Bank of Canada’s inflation targeting and monetary policy has in ensuring Canadian economic security, and the pursuit of the political and military means by which NATO ensures member states’ freedom and security.

Canadian Armed Forces Willow Hillman

Canadian Defence Procurement and Civil-Military Relations

In this article, Willow Hillman, considers the utility that developing a military covenant similar to the United Kingdom’s would have for the Canadian Armed Forces’ ability to maintain effectiveness as well as professionally contribute to mending the shoddy defence procurement process.

NATO and Canada Willow Hillman

Bill 9: Changes to the Québec Skilled Worker Program and the Legal Context of Immigration to Canada

In this article, Willow Hillman provides a comprehensive look at the Québec Bill 9 controversy and outlines the discourse regarding the legality of its changes to the Québec Skilled Worker Program.

Canadian Armed Forces Willow Hillman

National Concerns In Local Matters: How Flood Management Can Cause Big Waves For CAF

In this article, Bracebridge native Willow Hillman employs the example of the Muskoka River Watershed Area in the wake of Flood 2019 to consider the national implications of local resource management for the Canadian Armed Forces and Operation LENTUS deployments.

NATO and Canada Willow Hillman

Between a Dragon and an Eagle: What Is the Huawei Controversy and Why Does It Matter to Canadians?

In this article, Willow Hillman outlines the controversy surrounding Huawei and the US’ extradition request for Meng Wanzhou, and explains some of the main reasons why this situation matters to Canadians.

Security, Trade and the Economy Willow Hillman

CBSA Involvement in Border Security Television Show: Balancing Security and Individual Rights

In view of a potential renewal, Willow Hillman situates Canada Border Services Agency’s participation in the Border Security: Canada’s Front Line television show in the broader context of balancing national security with individual rights.