Kelly Stephens is a Security Analyst at the Atlantic Council of Canada. She holds a BAH from McGill University in International Development Studies and Political Science. She also spent a summer studying abroad at the American University in Cairo. Kelly focuses on the Middle East and Africa and her interests include the political economy of oil, Islamic movements and the politics of aid.
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Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird Travels to Morocco for Friends of Syria Meeting

John Baird traveled to Africa yesterday, the sixth such visit during his time as Minister of Foreign Affairs. He will be attending the Friends of Syria meeting in Marrakesh, Morocco tomorrow, a group of nations who support regime change in Syria.

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Libya’s Militia Problem

[captionpix align=”left” theme=”elegant” width=”320″ imgsrc=” ” captiontext=”Libyans protesting against militias in Benghazi.”] Protests continue to hit the streets of Libya, though with anger now directed towards members of its own population rather than the incendiary, anti-Islamic YouTube film that captured the world’s attention earlier this month. On September 21st, tens of thousands of protesters stormed Read More…