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The Ninth Gulf Maritime Trade Fair and the Mastech Conference

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The ninth edition of The Gulf Maritime Trade fair and Mastech Conference is taking place this week in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates from 25th-27th of November.

The Persian Gulf region has a rich economic maritime tradition which still plays a crucial role in anchoring the region’s economy. Since the world’s leading oil producers are located around the Persian Gulf, it has become increasingly important for countries like the U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and etc. to find more creative and efficient ways of enhancing their maritime operations and fleets.

With an expanding maritime trade sector, the region finds itself in need of the latest technologies that can maintain this growth.  The show will showcase a multitude of products from leading global players in shipbuilding and suppliers of ship equipment. The variety of products include: deck machinery, communications gadgets and the latest vessel designs including tankers. Among the companies exhibiting at the trade fair, the only Canadian company is Kobelt which manufactures mechanical components for vessels ranging from brakes to steering systems.

In addition to the Trade Fair, the second edition of the Mastech Conference organized by the Middle East Alumni of Ship Technology took place on the 25th-26th of November. In light of the fact that the shipping industry is responsible for transporting 90% of global trade, the conference discussed issues related with environmental sustainability, technological innovation and efficiency related with maritime trade.

Some of the topics in the conference included: “Economic Benefits due to Shipbuilding”, “Improving Energy Efficiency for Green Shipping”, and the “Allocation of Risks and Exclusions in Offshore Contract”.

With global demand for oil increasing in the region, it is interesting to see how new technologies will shape maritime trade and naval operations (particularly when it comes to tackling piracy) both in the region and on a global scale.

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