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Talk to a Diplomat: Interview with Sophia Śniegowska Part II

We’re back!

Listen as I interview Sophia Śniegowska in this second part interview. Her areas of expertise consist of public relations, social media, business development, and marketing. Sophia is the Chair of the Communications Committee of the Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce of Toronto she is a member of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada. In addition, Sophia is also a member of the NATO Association of Canada.

On Tuesday January 19th, the NATO Association of Canada and the University of Toronto’s Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations presented a conference on the, “Syrian Crisis and Turkey: Security and Humanitarian Challenges.” Listen as Sophia discusses the conference on the Syrian Crisis and Turkey: Security and Humanitarian Challenges. In addition, Sophia discusses the impact and significance of the conference that was organized by Magdalena Surma and the NATO Association of Canada.

Listen as Sophia discusses some of the work that should be done in order to further educate the public about the Syrian Crisis and Turkey.

KilicConference 12

Interview with Sophia Śniegowska
Talk to a Diplomat


Lastly, Sophia discusses the impact of establishing a strong mentorship program.

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Interview with Sophia Śniegowska
Talk to a Diplomat


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Magdalena Surma is currently Canada's NATO Program Contributor and Outreach Coordinator. Former Program Editor of Global Horizons, Magdalena completed a BA in Legal Studies (Honours) and a Masters in Public Service at the University of Waterloo. She also attended Harvard during two summers, where she completed courses in psychology, government, and law. In addition, she successfully completed Harvard Law School’s Executive Education Program in Negotiation and Leadership. Magdalena is currently completing an LLB through University of London’s International Program. She is passionate about law, government, and charitable non-profit organizations. As an avid researcher, she hopes to extend her research to investigate women in security while examining society, culture, and international relations. In addition, Magdalena is also passionate about international business and economy. She is very excited about being involved with various projects at NATO, specifically engaging youth and society about international affairs. Apart from a love of politics, Magdalena enjoys fine art, ballet, and classical music.