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Talk to a Diplomat: Episode VI


e’re back!

Hasan Siddiqui, editor of our Expanding Community program here at the NATO Association of Canada, joins us for a spotlight on Syria.

For further information about the many topics discussed in the episode, click the links below:

1:10 – Syrian Civil War on Reddit

1:35 – Watercooler debate on Iraq

4:02 – Syrian Arab Army (SAA)

4:19 – Jabhat al-Nusra

5:10 – Jaish al-Fatah

7:18 – Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)

7:36 – Refugees in Lebanon actually number over a million.

8:20 – Hassan Nasrallah

8:43 – Sykes-Picot Agreement

Colin McEwen
Colin McEwen is a Research Analyst and former Program Editor for Global Horizons at the NATO Association of Canada. Colin completed his BA (Honours) at the University of Toronto in Political Science, History, and German, and has since pivoted by completing a Certificate in Data Analytics at Ryerson University. His interests are in multilateral diplomacy and the application of Big Data to problems in international relations.