Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Nabil Bhatia

Low-Tech Terrorism and Vehicle-Ramming Attacks: A Growing Threat

Recent attacks in London and Stockholm highlight the growing popularity of vehicle ramming as a tool used by jihadists. Nabil Bhatia presents a brief analysis of the tactic and argues that the trend of vehicle-ramming terrorist incidents will likely continue.

Farah Bogani Operations

When Terrorism Begets Terrorism: Could Terrorists Benefit from Increasing Tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan?

How has the recent spate of terror attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan increased tensions between the two countries to the benefit of terrorists? Farah Bogani explores

Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Evan Blackwell

Why the Islamic State Lashes Out: Territorial Losses and Terrorist Attacks

From Orlando to Dhaka, Islamic State has increased terrorist attacks globally. Evan Blackwell discusses how the the loses in Islamic State’s territorial holdings has marked a shift in the group’s operational strategy to maintain its image of strength.