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The Danger of Gender Stereotyping Canada’s ‘Jihadi Brides’

In this article, author Mary Peplinski explores the consequences gender stereotyping may have for national security and counterterrorism efforts in Canada. The article will focus specifically on the cases of women who are trying to return to Canada after leaving to join ISIS.

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The Road to Radicalization: An Interview with Former Undercover Operative Mubin Shaikh

In this interview with Julia Schaumer, Mubin Shaikh reflects on the various events in his life which led him to go from a path of radicalization onto one of complete transition to de-radicalization.

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From Calgary to the Caliphate: Exploring the Unlikely Hotbed for ISIS Recruitment

With many of Canada’s foreign fighters emerging from Calgary, it must be explored how a cosmopolitan city has now become a ‘hotbed’ for ISIS recruitment. Nabil Bhatia attempts to answer this question by investigating cases of radicalization in the Canadian city.