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An Uncertain Future: American Involvement in European Security Through NATO

With the rise of Russian aggression, the US must be willing to act multilaterally with its European partners and be able to project stability beyond its own borders. Jayson Derow discusses the vital interests of the US in a Europe that is democratic, stable, robust, and undivided.

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Nous avons gagné la bataille, mais nous avons perdu la guerre

Les États-Unis n’ont pas changé après le 11 septembre. Au contraire, il est devenu plus de lui-même. Jayson Derow soutient que l’administration Bush a utilisé le 11 septembre pour légitimer l’expansion de la puissance américaine afin d’assurer sa suprématie militaire et économique.

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Empty Threats or an Unsettling Reality? Why Statistics Should not Represent the Impact of Terrorism

Although statistics are able to present data in a way that shows an event as less probable of occurring, Jayson Derow discusses why the uncertainty of time and place that accompanies ISIS’ threats should not be dismissed by Western societies.

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‘Sunny Ways’ in Dark Days: A Reality Check on Trudeau’s Responsibility to Protect in Iraq and Syria

Prime Minister Trudeau’s ‘sunny ways’ will prove to be ineffective against an enemy that explicitly demonstrates a complete disregard for human life. Jayson Derow discusses why Canada has a ‘Responsibility to Protect’ the religious minorities of Iraq and Syria by taking the battle to ISIS through strategic and targeted airstrikes.

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Mobilizing for war: Will Canada Become a Viable Partner Within the NATO Alliance or a Free-rider Against Russian Aggression?

Canada must decide whether it will become a viable partner within the NATO alliance or a free-rider. Jayson Derow discusses the importance of fulfilling the 2% metric of defence spending to combat Russian aggression.

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A Rally Cry to Arms: Is the Invoking of Article Five of NATO Needed to Degrade ISIS?

ISIS is an apocalyptic organization overdue for eradication. Jayson Derow discusses the importance of invoking Article Five of the North Atlantic Treaty in order to degrade ISIS’ capabilities; the clause declaring an attack against one is to be an attack against all.

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Democracy at the Point of Bayonets: Can Regime Change Stabilize Syria?

Western military forces have demonstrated that they are effective in implementing regime change. But such regimes failed to foster stability or eradicate jihadist extremism, and thus, war persists and blood is still spilt. Jayson Derow discusses why the overthrowing of the Assad government will not ease tensions within the Syrian civil war or the battle against ISIS.