Clara Lachman Society, Culture, and Security

The Polycrisis: Behind the Buzzword

Last year, a new buzzword gained significant traction across the international community. Referred to as the “polycrisis,” this key term started circulating across media publications and research institutes before finding its way to the Swiss Alps, where it took center stage. At the 53rd World Economic Forum Annual Meeting held in Davos—a flagship conference dedicated Read More…

Anvesh Jain NATO and Canada

Canada, NATO, and the ‘Dumbbell’ Concept

This year, NATO celebrates the 70th anniversary of its storied history – but the current multilateral structure of the alliance was not always a given. Since its 1949 inception, diplomats, politicians, and strategists have occasionally theorized a “Dumbbell” concept of NATO. What does this mean, and why did the “Dumbbell” never take shape?