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Trade Diversification: Spotlight on Europe

When you walk into a grocery store in almost any country in the world you are undoubtedly reaping the benefits of trade. Whether in the increased selection or the price tag, globalization has certainly impacted the way we consume and do business. However, trade between two countries leaves both parties vulnerable to each other’s economic Read More…

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NATO Association of Canada interviews H.E. Daniel Costello, Canada’s Ambassador to the European Union

H.E. Daniel Costello, the Canadian Ambassador to the European Union, talks to Michele Di Leo about his diplomatic career, CETA, political stability in Europe, and Canada-EU relations.

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CETA Explained: How the Canadian-EU Trade Deal is Stirring Up Controversy

What are the controversies surrounding the most significant trade deal for Canada since NAFTA? Charlotte Provost and Michele Di Leo analyze the economic consequences of CETA, as well as the political hurdles it must clear.