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Game of War: The Suwalki Gap, Deterrence, and Cybersecurity

The Sukwali Gap is described as point of vulnerability that would risk isolating Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from its NATO allies if seized by Russia. Recent exercises by NATO forces along this border underscore the need to expand defence operations beyond physical geography.

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Where do LGBT Perspectives Fit within the NATO Narrative?

To honour LGBT month, the turbulent experiences of identifying service men and women are acknowledged, while the paranoia surrounding their service are debunked. The accession of prospective nations into the Alliance raises the question of whether the LGBT inclusion status of a nation is a factor worth considering for membership. And if it should be, can religious affiliation influence the security and defence commitments of NATO members?

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Is Prime Minister May taking a Gamble with the Snap Election? Or a Calculated Risk?

After Easter holiday, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced a snap election set for June 8th. To the shock of many, she assured that an election would be necessary to enter Brexit negotiations from a position of strength. Did she make a political miscalculation? Or is the timing just right?