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1001 Saudi Arabian Rights: Canada as an Advocate of Global Human Rights

Program Editors, Maria Pepelassis, Buzz Lanthier-Rogers, Nasser Haidar, Amaliah Reiskind, McCartney Lee, and Claire Wählen look into the Canada-Saudi Arabia dispute.

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Like a G6: Reactions to the Charlevoix Summit

American threats and implementations of tariffs have alienated the superpower further from its allies. It is in this environment that the world carefully observed the G7 Conference in Charlevoix, Quebec and witnessed the elevation of tensions between other Western leaders and the United States. NAOC Program Editors for the Canadian Armed Forces, Cyber Security and Read More…

Cyber Security and Emerging Threats McCartney Lee

Surveillance Capitalism, Cambridge Analytica, and Data Security

With the unveiling of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, much needed discussion has surfaced regarding online privacy and data regulation. McCartney Lee discusses the links between Surveillance Capitalism and Cambridge Analytica, and why more attention needs to be diverted towards legislation that regulates our online world.

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The Land of Opportunity: The Handmaids Tale and the Truth About Canadian Asylum Seeking

The popular TV Drama “The Handmaids Tale” portrays Canada as a benevolent ally of American based asylum seekers. However, Canada’s current asylum seeking process is far more complicated and bureaucratic than Hollywood would lead us to believe.