Taylor currently attends the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs and the Syracuse College of Law where she is completing an MA in International Relations and JD specializing in Counterterrorism Law. At the College of Law she is the RA for the Chief Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, David Crane. Taylor has supported several consulting projects for foreign governments, most recently providing a briefing to the Emir of Qatar on the Yemen conflict. She is also contributing to a forthcoming textbook on biometric law and policy. Regarding legal practice, she has represented torture victims from Turkey, Tanzania, Kenya, and Egypt with the World Organization Against Torture in Brussels. This added to her previous policy experience with the UN, Canadian Department of National Defence and the US State Department. Outside of school Taylor is a student athlete who utilizes sport as a development and peace building tool. Most notably she served as the first female hockey coach in Serbian history, helping to establish a national female hockey program in the country. She can be contacted at: t16lambert@gmail.com
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A Captive State in Democratic Clothing: A Discussion with Consul General Andrii Veselovskyi

In a four part series, the NATO Association of Canada discusses the advance of Russia and Ukraine’s bid to join NATO with Ukrainian Consul General Andrii Veselovskyi. The inaugural feature discusses the reality of Russian intervention in Central and Eastern Europe, and analyzes how western misconceptions and acquiesce have led to a negligent disregard of Read More…

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Fulcrum of Hegemony: Investment Battle in Sri Lanka Marks Return of US Soft Power Agenda in Asia

Sri Lanka is currently the geopolitical fulcrum between the East and the West. Dominant states in their respective regions have utilized foreign direct investment as a tool of soft power to assert influence in Sri Lanka. Investor states have funded development initiatives, believing the compounded interest of good will, will pay strategic dividends for securing Read More…