Sonia Hukil was the Program Editor for Expanding Community at the NATO Association of Canada. Her primary research areas include foreign affairs, economic development, diplomacy and policy-making. She is in the final phase of completing a bilingual Specialized BA Honors in International Studies from Glendon College, York University. Previously, she has interned at the Centre for Internal and Regional Security (IReS) at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS), India. As a Research Intern, she published commentaries examining the security-related challenges affecting South Asia. In the past, Sonia has also served in the capacity of a Chair/President at the Student Caucus of Glendon College Faculty Council. She, alongside her faculty members, analysed the institutional governance and academic policy in a consultative capacity to the Principal. Sonia has also volunteered extensively for organizations like the UNICEF, AMNESTY International and Help age India. In the future, she intends to continue her passion for education and learning.