Marietta Armanyous is the editor for the Emerging Security program at the NATO Association of Canada. Marietta attained her Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Toronto where she majored in International Relations and European Studies and minored in Spanish Studies. Having lived and studied abroad in various countries, including the United States, Czech Republic, Spain, and the United Kingdom, she understands that autonomous states are more interconnected than ever before and curious as to how this impacts Canadians’ everyday lives. Being a recent immigrant to Canada herself, Marietta is also interested in the policies that could affect newcomers as well as the opportunities available to them. Her career goals include completing a post-graduate degree in the area of immigration and settlement studies. Marietta can be reached at
Marietta Armanyous Society, Culture, and Security

Part II: America’s War on (Imported Prescription) Drugs

$6,214 for one cancer treatment prescription? In Part II of this two-part series, Marietta Armanyous compares Canadian and American prescription drug prices, exploring why U.S. pharmaceuticals are so much more expensive than those of any other developed nation.

Marietta Armanyous Society, Culture, and Security

Part I: America’s War on (Imported Prescription) Drugs

America is cracking down on drug deals… even the good kind! In Part I of this two-part series, Marietta Armanyous looks at why the U.S. Senate voted against Bernie Sanders’ Drug Pricing Amendment, which would have allowed less expensive pharmaceuticals to be imported from Canada.

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Curbing Coal Production: Is China Pulling Its Weight?

China’s coal burning contributes a significant amount of the total CO2 and greenhouse gases in the air, but its government claims to be working towards reducing its emissions. Marietta Armanyous looks at whether China is actually making efforts to change its impact on climate change from a negative to positive one.