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2014 Aliante Competition Offers a Great Experience

Courtesy of Aliante Competition

Are you a high school student interested in world politics, military history, or NATO? Then there’s a perfect experience for you: The 2014 Aliante competition.

Since it’s inception in 2001, the Aliante competition has engaged students in broadening their perspectives, while giving teens an opportunity to travel and make new friends. Organized through NATO Council and Atlantic Treaty associations across the world, the Aliante competition hosts students from all over the planet, including Canada. This year’s event will have a final competition in Slovakia and a Winners’ trip in Germany.

Who can join?

Secondary School teams of two students aged 15-19 can compete for a spot in the final round.  Participants come to the competition from many NATO member countries: Croatia, CzechRepublic, Georgia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Turkey, and, of course, Canada.

How does it work?

This year’s Aliante competition will feature three stages:

Stage 1: In the first round, applicants will answer 15-20 knowledge-based multiple choice questions on the Aliante 2014 website. Depending on the number of questions answered correctly, the applicants will be contacted to compete in stage 2. These questions are due April 6.

Stage 2:  At this stage, the applicants will provide comprehensive answers to 35 questions on some of the following topics: NATO, military history, and international politics. This component is due May 11. Those applicants who skillfully answer these questions will be able to compete in the international final.

Stage 3: The final, which takes place in Slovakia, will test individuals’ teamwork ability under stressful conditions. Each participating country will have between 1 and 6 teams representing it. The top 5 teams will win a trip to Germany.

Do I pay anything?

All costs­ – transportation, food, and accommodation – are free for participants.

After the Aliante competition, Ola Chudas, a former participant had the following comments about the program: “Not only did I extend my knowledge and improve certain skills considerably but also spent an unforgettable time on two amazing excursions”. This experience could be yours in 2014. Apply today.

For further information you can go to the following website, or email the national coordinator at


Zach Lewsen
Zach Lewsen completed his Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at McGill University, where his primary academic interests were Canadian politics, international relations, political economy, and judicial politics. At McGill, Zach was a Commentary Editor for the McGill Daily and a policy and advocacy intern for the Social Justice Committee of Montreal, a local non-profit. Zach hopes to attend law school or graduate public policy programs, which can help prepare him for a career relating to corporate social responsibility or immigration and labour law.