Energy Security

New Dimensions of the Great Caspian Energy Game

Download: Energy Security Program Research Study No. 1, August 2020 (52 pages, 873KB)

Title: New Dimensions of the Great Caspian Energy Game
Author: Mariana Liakopoulou
Series: Energy Security Program Research Study No.1
Date: August 2020

The global commodity market and national energy policy devel-opments have affected US and European willingness to continue pursuit of their geopolitical and economic interests in the Cas-pian-region and Central Asian oil- and gas-producing states. This is a shift from the 1990s and early 2000s, when important projects were commissioned. However, these shifts in US and the EU energy policies, combined with ongoing market develop-ments, do not imply that those Caspian-region and Central Asian states are losing their geopolitical significance.

Mariana Liakopoulou
Mariana Liakopoulou is a research analyst focusing on natural gas security and geopolitics of the Caspian and Central Asian energy markets, as well as of the energy markets of Southeastern and Central and Eastern Europe. She is a former non-resident energy fellow with Caspian Policy Center (Washington DC) and a former member of the Strategy and Communication Team of the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators. Her Master’s thesis looks into the Caspian legal status and the riparian producers’ outlook on the European Commission’s strategy towards the Fourth/Southern Gas Corridor. The views expressed in this article are solely her own and should not be taken to reflect those of her current or past employers. She can be contacted by email at